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    Dynamic Creation

    Dynamic Creation

    TAAG Accessories project heads are young and passionate to follow the latest trends so we can advise you about materials, finishing and new designs styles.

    We also purpose you to visit us in our fashion accessories showrooms located in Paris and China.

    We become involved in your collections, and can offer valuable help in ensuring their success.

    Production Follow-UP

    Production Follow-UP

    Each order is taken in charge by a Product Merchandiser who monitors the production line from start to finish.

    We assure a continuous presence inside mills to control all the phases of production and monitor the progress of your orders.

    We also guarentee the logistics follow-up: processing of orders and deliveries throughout the world. Therefore, production status reports, written at your request, allow you to follow your order progress.

    Quality Control Department

    Quality Control Dept

    Because quality manufacturing requires continuous attention, TAAG Accessories plays a major role in the realisation of your orders.

    Our team ensures the production complies with international regulations, by conducting comprehensive materials testing with the certified institutions, such as SGS.

    All our products comply with the international regulations and requirements for the European or the US Market.

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      France Office
      38 Rue de la Haie Coq
      93300 Aubervilliers
      E-mail: Gabriel@taagaccessories.com


      China Office
      A3 Bld, Shan keng nei huan Road, Longgang District
      Tel:0755-8468 1764
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